Papa Cacho

Variety Description

The most remarkable quality of this tablestock variety is its unusual shape and appearance. The shape is quite variable, but always oblong to elongate and spindly. The skin is a pink-red and can be shiny to scurfy, depending on the season and location. The flesh is tinged pinkish. This variety is good broiled. It is also good boiled, but care must be taken not to overcook them. Papa Cacho originates from Peru where it is a land race grown as a local cultivar.

Seed Availability

Some seed of Papa Cacho may be available for planting in 2011. This variety is in foundation seed production at the Uihlein Farm (December 2010) as part of the NE-SARE funded Northeast Organic/Sustainable Potato Project. Its continued production will depend on grower interest and importantly, production by seed growers. To ensure continued availability, this variety may need to be maintained by an interested group of growers in a seed sharing network. At present, there is only a very small amount of seed available. If orders are received at the Uihlein Farm, seed can be produced in 2011 for spring 2012 delivery.

For information on seed production, contact: